Hessen Graduation Funding

Four universities from the network of the Hessian Film Academy hFMA – the Kunsthochschule Kassel, the Hochschule RheinMain, the Hochschule Darmstadt and the Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach – have launched a project funding programme for the winter semester 2021/2022 under the title HAB – Hessen Abschlussförderung (Hessen Graduation Funding) to support graduation projects in art, film and media degree programmes.

The aim of the funding is to support students in these fields in the development and production of their final artistic projects. Especially the practical creative part of these fields is often associated with a high financial outlay. The HAB final project funding is intended to strengthen and further professionalize such projects.

All students at the four universities who have officially registered their graduation are eligible to apply. Click here for the application.

The funding is initially guaranteed for a period of five years, but an extension of the funding is intended.


Anna Schoeppe, Managing Director of HessenFilm und Medien GmbH
Ann-Kathrin Brinkmann, Editor ZDF/arte
Stefan Weil, Managing Partner Atelier Markgraph


Ministry of Science and the Arts, represented by Minister Angela Dorn
Hochschule Darmstadt and Fachbereich Media



The next HAB-Launch will take place on Monday, 13.05.2024 and will be hosted by RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. Venue: Old Court,Schwurgerichtssaal in Wiesbaden

The new projects of the grantees will be presented at the public event. Further information will be announced here shortly.

The upcoming deadlines for the next HAB funding can be found here