Designing Immersive Abstract Art Experience

Chia-Ju Lin

Hochschule Darmstadt


M.A.: Expanded Media, Immersive Experience

Abstract art, a presence for well over a century, still faces the challenge of being perceived as distant, misinterpreted, or doubted by the general public. This predicament is particularly pronounced given the prevalent ways people engage with art today: through school educations, museum tours, and media exposure. While these avenues offer access to art, they often deliver passive and somewhat disconnected encounters. With a core belief that art flourishes through expression, exploration, and firsthand involvement, this thesis proposes an immersive and interactive exhibition that highlights the trailblazer of abstract art – Paul Klee. The objective is to enrich the appreciation and comprehension of abstract art, prioritizing education and entertainment. By actively engaging participants, the aim of this thesis is to bridge the divide between audiences and the art form, cultivating heightened interest and deeper engagement. Let us delve into the immersive journey:

Enter the Rabbit Hole
To heighten anticipation and embark on an Odyssey into Paul Klee’s artistic realm, participants are guided through an enchanting pathway adorned with interactive projected walls. Along this passage, timeless classical melodies play, while dynamic interactive animations beckon participants to interact with the artworks, accessible through taps on specific elements on the projected surface.

Explore Paul Klee
Continuing along the path, participants arrive at a captivating art studio, where Paul Klee’s artworks, notes, and creative lifestyle are showcased. Within this space, a remarkable encounter with Paul Klee takes the form of a holographic display, offering an intimate glimpse into his creative process. Furthermore, with guidance from the „Explore Paul Klee“ app, participants embark on an
engaging expedition, assuming diverse roles such as detective, journalist, art collector, or Bauhaus student, to uncover the hidden narratives intertwined with Klee’s legacy.

Extend the Aesthetic Inspiration
Having immersed themselves in the thought-provoking ambiance of Klee’s studio and uncovered various insights, participants proceed to the second pathway. Here, an enthralling interactive projection accompanied by delightful classical music captures their attention. As with the initial pathway, participants sustain engagement by interacting with the experience through taps on captivating visual elements projected on the wall, thus prolonging the positive energy of their aesthetic voyage.

Create Your Own Paul Klee
This path leads participants to the „Creative Reflection Room,“ equipped with user-friendly drawing tools named „Create Your Paul Klee.“ These tools empower participants to express creativity, explore imagination, and craft their own artwork. Upon completing their creative process, participants can share their creations on an instantly projected wall within the room.

Moreover, participants can provide their email addresses within the app to receive a digital copy of their artwork, preserving their masterpiece for personal keepsakes or sharing with friends and family. Additionally, they can order personalized products featuring their artwork, thereby converting their creations into tangible mementos that sustain a lasting connection with the artistic journey undertaken during the exhibition.