Women, Life, Freedom

Iqra Naeem

Hochschule Darmstadt


M.A.: Expanded Media, Immersive Installation

زنیگدﻧزیدازآ pronounced as Zan, Zendegi, Azadi, is a three-word Persian slogan, meaning “Women, Life, Freedom”. These three words exactly define the goal of this project. Women harassment and abuse are persisting issues that still exist in the age of social media, and increasing with a rapid race. While the problem is widely recognized, the focus must now shift towards finding effective solutions. This thesis digs into the roots of harassment, with a specific emphasis on developing and male-dominant countries, aiming to understand why such injustices persist. The proposed experience seeks to engage the audience actively in a freedom movement of the new Iranian revolution.

Simulating oppressive confinement
The journey begins with interactive storytelling through immersive installations. Subsequently, participants become part of an escape room, experiencing the oppressive confinement faced by these women. The experience aims to evoke frustration and rage, simulating the never-ending losses that women endure, even when they make right choices and stand on the path of justice. By fostering empathy, the audience gains insight into the emotional turmoil experienced by women in these circumstances. The next stages of the project involve a social media campaign, urging individuals from both Eastern and Western societies to help the oppressed women. The central argument is that empowerment through education is the fundamental solution to combating harassment and achieving lasting change. We are also working on launching a website, an open platform where volunteers can sign up to collaborate with us to provide education and learning to the women in need.